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                              Good Neighbor Guidelines for Bahia Bay

Welcome to Bahia Bay.  Our Covenants and By-Laws can be found at BBPOA.com and we would like to share some tips for your safe stay.

We live in Aransas county, so call the  Aransas Sheriff at 361-729-2222 if you observe criminal behavior.  If you have an emergency, call 911.

Contact the Rental agency listed on the yard sign if the home is a rental and you have concerns about the behavior of the Renters, if they are unwilling to work with you.  Homeowners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their Renters.

Continued problems with a neighbor who will not follow the Covenants may be reported to the President of Bahia Bay.

Safety or criminal activities should be provided to the Sheriff and then to the Neighborhood Watch, Joellen Simmons 512-413-5514. 

For the safety of your children and grandchildren, make sure they are supervised.

Pets must be leashed or fenced.  If you lose a pet, contact surrounding Animal control 361-790-0151, and surrounding animal shelters. Consider leaving a notice with the Neighborhood Watch.  Please pick up after your animal if walking on private property.

The bulkhead areas are privately owned and not to be used as public sidewalks or cut-thorough.

Guests and renters must follow our Covenants.  Loud music, late fireworks, nudity, profanity, discharge of firearms, or drunken behavior is not tolerated.  We try to keep noise to a minimum after 10:00 pm, as the water magnifies all sound.

Guests must follow the maximum occupancy listed with the rental agreements.

Trailers and boats should not be parked on the wrong sides of the street so as to block traffic.  Mail cannot be delivered if you park in front of a mailbox.  See Covenants for proper storage of trailers, and campers.  No parking on others private property.

Trash must be left in heavy bags within lidded containers if the pick-up is not the same day of your departure.  Duck hunters, please be careful to not throw duck carcasses in the canals.

Exterior lights should be turned off at night in the back of your home so they do not affect your neighbors.  A front exterior light shall be on at dusk.

No wake in the canals.  Be informed about the safety of swimming in the canals.

Underwater fishing lights are owned by the Homeowners and not for public use.

Thank you for being courteous in Bahia Bay


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