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  (Jo Ellen Simmons – 6/14/2017

Those of you who are new to this area may not be aware that this is the time to prepare for the hurricane season.  Ron and I attended our first preparation meeting (thanks to the Fulton Neighborhood Watch). I am sharing my notes.

You are encouraged to evacuate and not wait the storm out in your home due to possible week-long power outages, water surges, flooding, snakes, mosquitoes etc. And it is hot!

We generally have a major hurricane hit the coastal area every ten years. .It was stated that it has been nine years since the Corpus area was hit by a hurricane although storms have caused tornadoes and storm surges in Texas from several other hurricanes.

We are due a major coastal hurricane.

There are many documents available to help you prepare but the most repeated site shared is www.hurricanes.gov.  You can also go to weather.gov and search Corpus Christi area location for more details ucsh as where the storm surge will hit in this area.

You can dial 211 to find out answers to your hurricane questions.  I tried to call the number but it is not set up from my point of contact at this time.

The State of Texas now has something new called red code.  If you sign up for red code, it allows you to find out what damage  happened to this area during the storm, no matter where you are located,  You can contact the red code information on the hurricane site to find out how badly the hurricane damage to your neighborhood was so you  know when to try to return after an evacuation.  Your relatives can also call in and check on you. Please take time to research this on your own.

At Walmart, you ca pick up a manual with information on what to pre-pack such as medications, insurance papers, water, food, money, etc. You also get a list of how to prepare your house for leaving (shutting off propane/etc.)

We also discovered that TXDOT will set up emergency spots along the official evacuation routes (every two miles)

If you wait too long to evacuate--- prepare to be in your car up to five to seven hours to evacuate.

Once a watch is given, we have 48 hours to get out of the way.  Once a warning is issued, you have 36 hours.  A Category One storm does not seem like much wind but the storm surge, and tornadoes could complicate matters.

Preparation needs to be done now.  Some things to do now are:


1)     Gather mportant papers – record your possessions within and without the home on photos or videos.

2)     Check your medications for prescription refills

3)     Make a list of what you need to pack for evacuation.

4)     Make sure you have Wind Storm, Fire-Theft, and Flood Insurance protection.  Note you cannot obtain such coverage after the announcement of an oncoming storm.

5)     Check your hurricane shutters to make sure they close and lock.  Buy plywood now if needed.

6)     Buy water now.

7)     Check the integrity of the attic and garage.  Garage reinforcement should be considered if you have windows there.

8)     In the months of August and September, KEEP YOUR CARS FULL OF GAS-without electricity, the pumps no longer work.

9)     Buy supplies to clean-up such as mops, gloves, etc.

10)  Plan your evacuation route now and let your family know what route you will be taking.

11)  Have snacks and water in your car for humans and pets.

12)  Prepare a waterproof box of items to take in your car in the event of evacuation.

13)  Put items you are leaving in a sealed plastic box if possible in case the house should flood.

14)  Pack up your pets – do not leave them behind……make sure you have a leash, medications, etc.  Consider a pet carrier for the car.

15)  Take a BATTERY POWERED radio and flash light….carry backup batteries.

16)  Take paperwork you will need to contact insurance companies.

17)  Take phone numbers, check books, computer passwords, cell phone chargers, your computer,

Do what you can NOW.





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