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Special Assessment Meeting Nov. 9, 2014



A Bulkhead repair Special Assessment Meeting is to be held on November 9, 2014  at 1:30 p.m. at Rockport Yacht Club.  The meeting should only last one to two hours.  It is important that you attend.

In 2014 we replaced/repaired three additional sinking bulkheads at a cost of $53,000 in accordance with our Covenant responsibilities as outlined in Section 6.4.  The Association has now expended almost all of the funds collected and set aside for this purpose from our Annual dues in past years.  In order to complete this project, the BBPOA Board recommends a Special Annual Assessment of $537 for 2015 to replace/repair an additional three bulkheads and to repair some bulkhead caps.  We have identified an additional nine that need repair or maintenance in the near future because of sinking problems.  In addition, we need to start repairs to at least 20 bulkhead caps.  These replacement/repairs are not only required by our Covenant, but are essential to maintain the home values in our subdivision.  The canals are our water highway and sinking bulkheads and or deteriorating bulkhead caps are as important as the repair and maintenance of our houses and yards.  You only have to drive and look at some of the other canal subdivisions to realize the impact of poor bulkhead maintenance.  We have been told by realtors, that the maintenance of the bulkheads by the Association has been a selling point for prospective buyers.  Each of us will benefit in keeping Bahia Bay a great place to live, have a vacation home, and retain our property values.

The approval for a Special Assessment requires a 51% or majority vote of attending persons, or by proxy at a meeting called for the Special Assessment.  We encourage you to attend this Special Meeting to address bulkhead replacement/repair for 2015 and for the next several years.  If you are unable to attend, please assign your proxy vote to a Bahia Bay neighbor or to a BBPOA Board Member.

Thank you for your interest in this matter,


Lyndal Remmert, President             361-790-7015

Tom Berkenkotter, Vice-President    361-727-0935

Don Hennigan, Jr., Director             903-738-7428

Joellen Simmons, Treasurer             512-413-5514

 Deedy Studer, Secretary                361-727-1152

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