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Bahia Bay Property Owners Association Neighborhood Watch Program


                                                    Block Captains




Please refer to the Neighborhood Watch Program Initiated document for more details about the Neighborhood Watch Program. It is designed to keep our neighborhood safe from crime and coordinates with the local Sheriff’s Office and the National Night Out Program on behalf of the neighborhood.


Block Captains are homeowners who volunteer to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, particularly on/around their street/area.   Each homeowner is responsible for contacting appropriate authorities to handle any issues related to their personal property.  If the owner shares the information on the incident with the Chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee, Joellen Simmons, she will e-mail out an alert, if appropriate, and add the incident to a data base used to help facilitate communication with the board/association on issues where more focus might be needed.


The following Block Captains are:




Block Captain

Estes Drive


Norm Charlton

Land’s End


Sherry Otto, Carla Reed, Deedy Studer



Joellen Simmons

Sierra Sound


Lyndal Remmert, Pat & John Enstrom

Captain’s Cove


Denise Myers

Square Rigger



Sandy Cove


Tom Berkenkotter







If you are willing to be a Block Captain for those streets that we need help with, please e-mail Joellen at joellens@cableone.net



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