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Bahia Bay Neighborhood Watch Program


A committee called the Neighborhood Watch Program has been created by the board to communicate with our association regarding neighborhood safety.  Coordination is provided through the Chair of the committee using email and/or website notifications wth information provided by homeowners. The chair will also coordinate with the Sheriff's office to establish an official contact for the National Night Out and to obtain local criminal reports that may affect our area.

Although each homeowner is responsible for direct contact with the Sheriff's office when their property has an incident, further sharing of information with the committee chair will ensure that all property owners are aware of the violation and become more attentive to their surroundings. A data base of incidents will be compiled and shared with the association.


Letter From new Chair:  Joellen Simmons

As part of our Watch program, we have a Block Captain assigned to every street to help us keep our area safe. Block Captains are listed on the website. 

As your Neighborhood Watch Chair, I rely on you and our Block Captains to report suspicious activity. This allows us to maintain a database of incidents so we can work as a community to address the immediate problem and take necessary action to mitigate future problems of a similar nature. I will coordinate with the Sheriff's office on incident reports and other issues; however, you are the primary contact with the Sheriff’s office when your property is affected.

1.       For IMMEDIATE RESPONSE - Call 911

2.       Call the Sheriff’s Office at 361-729-2222 to request an officer to come out to investigate and take a report. Get a copy of the case number if you want to pursue this with a detective follow-up on the case. You may want to see the case through legal proceedings such as obtaining remediation from the perpetrators, if appropriate.

3.       As quickly as possible, let me know what is going on 512-413-5514 so an alert can be issued to other residents. 

Other reminders:

1.      When you are going to be out of town, you may want to contact the Sheriff to ask for what is called a "close patrol”, which means they will drive by your home more frequently to observe.

2.      Get to know your neighbors, and let a trusted one know if you leave town in case we need to contact you about a fire or emergency near your home.

3.       Arrange for someone to pick up your newspapers and mail rather than advertising your absence.  

4.       Be careful what messages you leave on your phone or website about being absent from your home.

5.       Keep your garage door down, even during the daytime.

6.       Never leave your car unlocked or with valuables in sight.

7.       Consider installing a security system. 

8.       A website you may want to check is www.txdps.state.tx.us for sex offenders in the area. There is one offender listed living close to us in Palm Harbor and others detailed by maps.   

Keep us informed if you change your e-mail address. 

Joellen Simmons, 307 Windjammer, 512 413 5514 (cell)

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